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CONTACTS / for example DOCTORS

Your contact persons / doctors in one view

ADAMI * vista CRM offers you access to all of your contact data in real time and ADVANCED-ADHOC-Filtering.

Which are the functions offered into the ADAMI * vista CRM Tables? Please find below some examples:
  • Each second row different colored for a better reading
  • Colored highlighting of the individual columns
  • Check-Boxes directly in the table in order to select several entries
  • Control of the columns width and design
  • Grouping option
  • Totals for numeric columns, for example sales columns
  • Improved user defined result-filters
  • Standard export into Microsoft Excel etc.
Filter area
Every ADAMI * vista CRM table has a filter area that is fine-tuned on the corresponding table. This gives the possibility of the quick query and data filtering based on the desired criteria. You can of course save and use your data selections again later!

The simultaneous work of the several users in the same area or with the same contacts list doesn’t affect Adami * vista CRM at all – it was built for this! Using the online access in the real-time you and all your colleagues will have anytime in front of your eyes the same version ("Single Point of Truth") and the changes as well, for example the contact's address changes are immediately available for all your colleagues, so that this new address will be automatically displayed and it could be used everywhere.

The data list of the Doctors / Contacts offers you the possibility to access the structured data used in the Pharmaceutical and Medical industry like specialty, secondary specialty, the cabinet visit hours, status of the health insurance company, the institutions grouped per brick and microbrick, classification (by Person or per Product), attributes and much more.

The assignation of a contact person / doctor can be made to different institutions (for example in case of the persons which have several activities or are new). The contact person / doctor doesn't have to be introduced several times, as he gets a "connection" to the corresponding Workplace, so that the unnecessary duplicates are avoided.

Each person has to be added only once, even if several users visited this person in several workplace locations for the same or different products / themes.

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