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Application features

Multilanguage - the application has the Multilanguage feature, and for the moment is available in English and German. Adami Vista CRM Login image Adami Vista CRM Multilanguage image
Importing Data from External Sources - easy loading data from .csv files at Institution, Contacts and Visit Levels Adami Vista CRM Data Import image
Defining Own Fields - easy way to define and administrate new fields on the Edit forms, Browsers and filters on the institutions, contacts and visits levels. Also there is possible to design the layout of the edit forms and data views for these levels. Adami Vista CRM User Fields image
Mailing Labels - this feature gives the possibility to define mass mailing labels to the selected contacts.
The labels are available on a printable version so with few clicks the labels could be transferred from the system to envelops.
Adami Vista CRM Mailing Labels image Adami Vista CRM Mailing Labels Print
Calendar Planning - easy and fast way of managing the appointments by dragging and dropping the contacts (or the appointments) into the time schedule areas. Adami Vista CRM Calendar Planning image
Visits Messaging - give the possibilities to the chosen reps to share the information among a realized visit. Adami Vista CRM Visits Messaging image Adami Vista CRM Visits Messaging screenshot
Outlook Integration (starting with Enterprise Edition)
- makes possible the information exchange with Microsoft Outlook on four levels: Contacts, Tasks, Appointments and Mails.
Adami Vista CRM Outlook Integration image Adami Vista CRM Outlook Integration screenshot Adami Vista CRM Outlook image
List Manager reports (starting with Enterprise Edition)
- fast reporting based on the fields from the CRM database (e. g. Number of Clients, Visits, Activities etc. on a specified period, different lists according to the desired level.
Adami Vista CRM List Manager Reports image
Additional Context Menu features (starting with Enterprise Edition)
Selection Pool - managing defined lists by marking some necessary records and viewing them separately
Export To - exporting the data of the current browser in different file types into a specified location
Adami Vista CRM Additional Context Menu image
Additional System Options features (starting with Enterprise Edition-for systems administrators only)
- View Record History; shows a history of the all changes (Approved and not approved by the administrator) of the selected contact;
- Display Pending Changes – shows only the not approved changes of the selected contact with the possibility of approving them;
- Approve Pending Changes – approve all the opened changes of all the contacts;
Adami Vista CRM History image
Clear records - give the possibility to merge the multiple assignations on different levels of information. Adami Vista CRM Clear Records image
Mass Mailing (starting with Enterprise Edition)
- creating into the List Manager application and sending mass mailings from the CRM system to the defined contacts (institutions, departments) list.
Adami Vista CRM Mass Mailing image Adami Vista CRM Mass Mailing screenshot
CRM Analytics Reports (Unlimited Edition only)
- Interactive reporting for in-depth analysis combining different data sources into one view.
- Easy way to create and administrate complex reports on different dimensions and levels combined into distinct graphics and tables.
Adami Vista CRM Olap Report image Adami Vista CRM Olap Report screenshot
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