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Adami Vista CRM is easy, individual and flexible.


   The latest CRM software from Adami Systems is the result of years of partnerships with pharmaceutical customers and the resulting findings. The often laborious and compromising adjustment of your marketing plans to existing software solutions is now a thing of the past. Building on over 20 years of experience, Adami Systems has developed standardized modules that can be combined as required, enabling a precise representation of your company's marketing plans. The CRM software can be installed in next to no time, without lengthy preparations or complicated programming. Easy to use, this CRM shows complex relationships clearly, supports users in daily planning activities and lets you react quickly to current market requirements.  

A CRM solution that lasts for years.

   Thanks to the partnership between Adami Systems and Microsoft, Adami Vista is based on the very latest Microsoft standards of Microsoft SQL-Server and .NET framework. So you can rest safe in the knowledge that Adami Vista CRM is a truly up-to-date software package that offers a sure solution for years to come.

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