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History, Concept & Vision

  Founded in 1987 in Vienna, ADAMI Systems expanded its customer base across Europe and North America. With several subsidiaries for development, sales, support and services, ADAMI Systems focus on technical and concept innovation to stay ahead of the market needs.

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   We design innovative solutions to provide the pharmaceutical industry with effective CRM and BI Systems. We work close together with our customers to match their business requirement.

  Due to our expertise in business modeling, we can provide systems that not only integrate business data but first and foremost backs up operational decisions and strategy implementation; ultimately sharpening Sales Force Effectiveness and Internal Processes.

  After a successful implementation, we provide ongoing customer support and follow the internal development of the application. In the fast moving pharmaceutical environment the flexibility of our systems insure a perfect match with the business evolution and new challenges faced by your organization.


Contact Us

  • ADAMI Systems GMBH
    A-1030 Wien, Reisnerstr. 14
    GF DI Kurt Adami
    FB FN 71041Y
  • +43 664 2222 100
  • office@adami.com
  • www.adami.com